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"Etgar Keret (Hebrew: אֶתְגָּר קֶרֶת‎, born August 20, 1967) is an Israeli writer known for his short stories, graphic novels, and scriptwriting for film and television."


Etgar Keret is a genius... — New York Times

"A brilliant writer...completely unlike any writer I know. The voice of the next generation." — Salman Rushdie

Keret can do more with six . . . paragraphs than most writers can with 600 pages. — Kyle Smith, People

“one of the most important writers alive – enchantingly witty” - Clive James

The low down

Etgar Keret. Photo: Ewa Szatybelko
Photo: Ewa Szatybelko

Etgar Keret. Photo by Moshe Shai
Photos: Moshe Shai

Etgar Keret. Photo by Moshe Shai
Photo: Patrice Normand

Etgar Keret. Photo: Yanai Yechiel
Photos: Yanai Yechiel

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