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'I'm sorry,' he went on, turning paler, 'I must have bitten you. You know, in the heat of passion.' 'Never -ind,' she smiled at him, the ice cube to her lower lip, 'no-ing ha-ened.' Which was a lie, of course. Because some-ing had ha-ened.


The instructor, who was supposed to be this well-known writer, even though Aviad had never heard of him, told her that there was something soul-piercing about the banality of the ending, or some other piece of crap. Aviad saw how happy that compliment made Maya.


That night I dreamt that I was a forty-year old woman, and my husband was a retired colonel. He was running a community center in a poor neighborhood, and his social skills were shit.


“My mom always says that ‘thank you’ are the only two words in the language that can never hurt,” I said. “So let your mom blow you,” Vered said and smiled, and I thought: what a day.

Writers can jam too

Benjamin Percy reads "The Story, Victorious" [for the first time] at the Distinguished Writers Series, Wellesley College, November 2014


Selected shorts is a WNYC radio show where actors read short stories to a live audience.

"The World of Etgar Keret" (October 2nd 2011) features 4 of his stories:

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"Loss and Recovery" (September 25th) begins with Leonard Nimoy reading "Good Intentions":

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