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“I’ve been looking at [Keret’s] Substack and it’s so witty and enjoyable, and he’s clearly having a wonderful time doing it, I thought, ‘maybe I could do that’” — Salman Rushdie, The Guardian

Happy Birthday To Us

Alphabet Soup turns one today, and Karina Shor baked it an amazing cake (thanks, Karina, you really shouldn’t have!) Even though I’m no expert on culinary-literary history, I suspect this might be the first time ever that a soup is getting a birthday cake.

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צינורות | פודקאסט "ספר אחד" של כאן 11

את הסיפור הראשון שלו, על בחור אחד שבונה צינורות, אתגר קרת הרגיש שהוא פשוט חייב לכתוב. זה היה בזמן שהוא היה בצבא, כלוא בחדר קטן עם מחשב גדול. הסיפור היה הדרך ליצור קשר עם העולם שבחוץ, הוא היה הצינור. כמה שנים אחרי השחרור, כמעט במקרה הוא הפך לסופר.


"The Middleman"

“The Middleman“, an Arte mini-series starring Mathieu Amalric, written and directed by Etgar Keret and Shira Geffen, has premiered on the Arte channel May 7th 2020.

Watch online (French with English subtitles) at the Criterion Channel.

בישראל אפשר גם לצפות בסידרה ב-Hot VOD וב-Cellcom TV.

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Random quote

I close my eyes and think back to the cashier at the grocery store. When we hugged I tried to be small, to be warmer than I really am. I tried to smell like I’d only just been born.

"Eating Olives at the End of the World"

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The Upgraded Me

In an overwhelming, unpredictable world, our virtual selves offer an appealing existential strategy.

— Illustration: Diego Patiño

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Words Without Borders, 2010

I believe that there is a truth. I believe it is very difficult to articulate that truth. I try to go in that direction, but I don’t pretend I will get there.

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New York Times, 2012

For Keret, the creative impulse resides not in a conscious devotion to the classic armature of fiction (character, plot, theme, etc.) but in an allegiance to the anarchic instigations of the subconscious. His best stories display a kind of irrepressible dream logic

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