"אם הייתי טוב בדבר הזה שנקרא חיים לא הייתי כותב"

עבור אתגר קרת הכתיבה היא בסיס לדיאלוג ויש לה משמעות במציאות הכאוטית. רק אל תבקשו ממנו לדבר על הבמה בקפלן.

ראיון עם רונן טל, הארץ

Jerusalem Post, 2020

"He may be known for sardonic short stories, but Keret reveals in conversation with the ‘Post’ an optimistic outlook and calls the months under COVID-19 ‘one of the most prolific periods’ of his life."

Interview with Joy Bernard about "Outside", October 14, 2020


Border Kitchen, 2020

With Jasper Henderson

The Paris Review, 2012

I think I’m controversial among some of the people in Israel and accepted by others, but the same can also be said for evolutionary theory.

The New Yorker, 2011

My father said to me once, “In half of your stories the father character dies and in the other half he is just plain stupid, but in all of them I feel that you love me.” I think many stories say something that is more complex, ambiguous, and contradictory than just a clear, if coded, message.

Words Without Borders, 2010

I believe that there is a truth. I believe it is very difficult to articulate that truth. I try to go in that direction, but I don’t pretend I will get there.